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St. Vincent de Paul Parish School is a Pre-School through grade eight Catholic elementary school that recognizes people are made up of separate, but interdependent aspects.  St. Vincent de Paul School strives to educate our students spiritually, morally, intellectually, and socially, while incorporating religion into all aspects of the curriculum.  Pre-School through fourth grade are self-contained classrooms, grades five and six departmentalize with their partner class for two classes, and grades seven and eight offer departmentalized instruction emphasizing high school preparation.  St. Vincent de Paul School is fully accredited by the Missouri Nonpublic School Accrediting Association, recognized by the Federal Department of Education.


Founded in 1877 along the banks of the Mississippi River, St. Vincent de Paul Parish School continues to accept the sacred responsibility of working with parents to develop every student to the best of their ability.  The current physical plant consists of the original building that opened in 1957 when the location of St. Vincent de Paul School and later Parish moved west. The Parish Center/ Gym was built in 1975, and a new wing housing six classrooms and office space was added in 1992.  In 2012, a new addition was added that contains a kitchen, cafeteria, 10 classrooms, an elevator, and two tornado resistant hallways.


In its 140 plus year history, St. Vincent de Paul School has strived to provide a quality educational experience, rich in Church teaching to the parish and surrounding community. St. Vincent de Paul School is dedicated to the formation of young people who will be life-long learners and good Christian stewards.

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